Episode 4 – Minimalism

Minimalism with Mari Kondo, Kiku Katana, Josh Millburn & Ryan Nicodemus

This week we are exploring Minimalism.

Is less really more? What would your life be like if you had less? This week we deep dive into the benefits of Minimalism. What is minimalism all about? How does it work? We have called on experts in the field to explore the topic in greater depth.

BELIEF: That more is better. That happiness is something that can be purchased with a credit card.

Minimalism – Getting Started…

REALITY: Minimalism brings freedom and allows people freedom from consumerism. Allows relationships to prosper and deepen because caring for others becomes less about what you can buy each other and more about valuing the people and the experiences you can share with them.

Allows for life to slow down, become unencumbered, only keep what you need and live life intentionally. 

Minimalist life is consistent and holistic. Counterculture.


  1. List current commitments you have
  2. Set priority from most to least essential
  3. Eliminate the least essential in sequence
  4. Start the process every month up until the point where you are ONLY doing things that give the most value.
  5. Say “No” to the things that do not move you in the direction you would like to go
  6. Sincerely ask yourself if you honestly NEED something?

MARI KONDO’s STAGES of ‘getting your house in order’ both physically and metaphorically:


Begin by identifying your goal. Why did you pick up the book? What do you hope to gain from tidying? Visualise the ideal lifestyle you are hoping to attain.

Two Stages:

  1. Discarding
  2. Tidying up

Kondo notes its important to finish discarding before you start tidying.

She uses a method she has created herself starting with clothes, then books, kitchen and bathroom and finally miscellaneous items.

Finally Josh and Ryan from The Minimalists at http://www.theminimalists.com had unique methods that worked for them

Josh – remove one item per day until you month’s later find yourself in a decluttered home.

Ryan – have a packing party and then only retain the items you used in the first 3 weeks. discard the rest.


Minimalism is an artform. A way of life. It is about intentional living and making sure everything has a place, is being used, nourished and loved. Likewise by surrounding yourself only by things you love, need and use regularly you are loving, nourishing and nurturing yourself, your soul, your life.

It’s about self-respect and self-love and along with that come a number of hidden benefits – increased coffers due to less spending, less weight, increased productivity, clarity, a sense of direction, purpose meaning.

I don’t know about you – I am sold.

Check out each authors title at the following locations:

Mari Kondo’s “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up”

Kiku Katana’s “Minimalism”

Josh & Ryan “The Minimalists”

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