Episode 5 – Extreme Ownership

This week we are talking about self-discipline as discussed in Extreme Ownership: How Navy SEALS lead and win by Jocko Willink & Leif Babin.

It’s no surprise that the key principle expressed by the book is…. Extreme Ownership.

What does that mean?

It means not making excuses ever. Never blaming others. Owning your failures wholeheartedly and when working in a team, encouraging and cultivating a team culture where each member takes complete ownership for the success of the team.

The book goes through a number of key principles of what extreme ownership looks like which we will discuss further below.

  • no bad teams only bad leaders – if your team isn’t performing, you are responsible for the failure of the team. you need to go back to the drawing board and do things differently.
  • In order to achieve you need to believe achievement is possible. You have to believe first that what you want to achieve can be done.
  • Keep it simple. Simple communication. Having a clear mission that everyone can get on board with is important for free flow of communication. If it’s too complicated you will lose people and you will lose your way.
  • Have a plan. Be prepared for the plan to change.
  • Cultivate and encourage a culture of extreme ownership.

Finally – and this is my personal favourite – Jocko Willink reminds us that ultimately discipline = freedom.

Discipline is waking up early, doing the hard yards, consistently showing up but when we are disciplined we buy ourselves freedom in our lives.

Discipline is the pathway to your freedom. What a great motivator to stay on track.

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